The Anker PowerConf H700 AI-Powered Wireless Headset Lets You Talk And Listen

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Talking And Listeing

Business has always required personnel to be able to speak to one another; think of conference calls between a group of people from a company that are in various offices and different locations, or workers at remote locations such as from home offices needing to communicate with their employees back at the office as well as other locations. The problem has been that smartphones have become the “phone” to use — regardless of where the people are, they’re using a handheld phone requiring them to either hold it up to their ear or turned into poor speakerphones. The result of all this is that the quality of the communication becomes difficult to hear and difficult as it relates to the others hearing what is being said. What’s needed is a headset that can not only provide for a secure and competent conversation through a microphone that can quantify the frequency voice of the person talking, but also makes listening to others easier and clearer. So to fix all this comes Anker’s PowerConf H700 AI-Powered Wireless Headset


A Feature Rich Bluetooth Headset

The H700 is a Bluetooth-enabled headset with 40 mm cushioned cups to cover the ears and a boom microphone that extends outward. The microphone/boom can be worn left or right by just swiping it from one side to the other. Sensibly both audio channels and volume controls make the switch as well. Among those choices is Mute — possibly the most used and problematically used feature (think of all the times someone thinks they have muted themselves, only to find out after some blunder or sound burp that they haven’t). Here you can press the Mute button on the side of the mic placed ear cup, raise the boom to have Mute happen or use a Smart Mute that does the muting whenever the mic-side ear cup is moved away from the ear. Aiding in making what is being said via the boom better is an active noise canceling function that “listens” for and mitigates surface noises.


Power Up

To power this headset, you’d expect it to have an internal rechargeable battery. So it does. Battery power provides for up to 24 hours of talk time (approximate of course as actual usage dictates battery drain). Recharging is easy because made to order is a charging stand that holds headset vertically to keep it positioned between uses as well as giving it power (and with a cool blue light slit showing that it has power flowing). Recharging takes up about 100 minutes to go from drained to full on — with a quick 5 minutes fast charge that brings over 2 1/2 hours online.


Calling Conferances

Conversing together is now being done over video conferencing programs — the days of someone calling into a phone conference call is pretty much over (anyone remember the problems with entering a phone conference call too early and waiting for too long before someone else shows up?). So it makes absolute sense that the H700 plays well with video conference programs such as Zoom, FaceTime, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts and Skype, among others (one note to keep in mind though is that on the H700’s audio functions during meetings/calls when Microsoft Teams/Zoom is being employed).

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Software and the Dongle

Perhaps the final component that separates the H700 from others of its kind is the software that is provided. This PC or Mac-based software provides for recording and saving the conversations and can also transcribe what has been said into text using a simple interface (a free trial is included based on 1000 minutes/2 months and then must be paid for). There is also an app that works in tandem with the software for updating the headset and dongle firmware — so what is that dongle then?

But to better understand the dongle, consider that the headset can work with one’s smartphone and a computer at the same time (laptop or desktop — or any two devices at once, with the ability to switch between them at will. The Bluetooth dongle is better for use with the computer because it offers a low latency and improves upon the audio quality happening during a video conference. It’s also a requirement for doing that recording function, since it’s going into the software that has been put on the computer. The recording software does not require any fees, btw.


The Anker PowerConf H700 AI-Powered Wireless Headset comes with a lot of accessories, as in the charging stand mentioned earlier, but also a carrying case, the Bluetooth dongles (using version 5.0) and a USB-C to USB-A converter cable. For more details go to

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