The bible of Legal Procedures to Start Affiliate Marketing

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To become professionally active online, a business is usually a prerequisite. If you haven’t registered a business yet or have experience with self-employment, I recommend taking the tips in this chapter to heart.

First, go to a local citizens’ registration office and register a business. This is possible for less than a one-time registration fee of 30€. In the beginning, it is sufficient to register as a sole proprietorship. You register this as a secondary or main business, depending on whether you are currently still bound to another fixed employment relationship.

  • Small entrepreneur: Let yourself be classified as a small entrepreneur for the beginning. You fall into the ranks of small entrepreneurs if the turnover does not exceed 17,500 € in the first year and 50,000 € in the second year. This means that you only need to keep simplified accounts, using a simple income statement. Here you simply compare your income and expenses, from which the profit is finally determined. This procedure makes the annual tax return extremely simple. The second advantage is even more important from a financial point of view. Secondly, as a small business owner, you initially have the option to decide whether you want to pay VAT or sales tax. That’s right, you can save 19% or in a few cases 7% on your sold services or products.

Note: It should be mentioned at this point that in this case, it is imperative that every invoice issued by you must always include the note that you are a small entrepreneur and that you are exempt from VAT.

If for whatever reason, you change your mind, you can always switch to paying VAT. However, there is no return to the VAT exemption for the time being. For the beginning of your online career, I recommend using the small business rule in any case. More net profit is the result.

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  • After the trade license has been issued, you will automatically receive mail from the tax office. Here you will be informed of your tax number as well as your sales tax identification number, should you have decided to pay sales tax (which I do not recommend at the beginning).

What else is useful for starting my online business?

  • Business account: If the trade license is granted, it is recommended to set up a business account. The commercial income can be cleanly separated from your private account. I can recommend the Postbank with very good conditions for beginners. I have had positive experiences with them so far. However, there are also some other good banks for business customers that are worth considering. When it comes to the business account, it is only important as early as possible to decide on a bank and act accordingly. It may well take a few weeks for the account to be set up. Nothing is more annoying than sitting in the wings waiting for account access information. So, take the step of opening an account directly after registering your business in order to be able to start your first business activities as soon as possible.
  • Bookkeeping and tax return: In addition to the formal registration of a business and setting up a business account, proper bookkeeping is advisable from the beginning. For you as a small business owner, this means filing the invoices for both income and expenses in one folder each. This will save you a lot of work and time when filing your annual tax return. It also makes sense to keep another folder with general documents such as account details, business documents, accounts, and so on.

The consolidation of invoices for the annual tax return can be done by an accountant. However, in the beginning, I recommend a tax/accounting program to always keep the costs as low as possible. I also did my tax return and bookkeeping with software in the first year. You don’t need to be a tax professional here or be familiar with the subject matter. There are countless programs on the market that guide you through the process step by step.


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