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The Incredible Mansion Mike Tyson Sold To 50 Cent When He Was Bankrupt

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Mike Tyson once sold an incredible 52 room mansion to 50 Cent for £3.3 million, after becoming bankrupt in 2003, but the American rapper actually made a £1 million loss on it.

Back in 2003, just a year after his final world title fight, a loss against Lennox Lewis, Tyson had to declare bankruptcy with a reported $23 million in debts, despite making $300 million during his career.

To make some of the money back Tyson was forced to sell one of his houses, the ridiculous Connecticut manson that had 21 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms!

The property was sold to rapper 50 Cent, although he in turn eventually sold it after it was on the market for 12 years!

Images: Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Images: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

As well as the incredible size of the place, and impressive amount of rooms, the house is also equipped with both indoor and outdoor basketball courts and swimming pools.

If you prefer less strenuous activities there’s also a cinema room, casino, pool room with two tables, and even a nightclub inside the house, and of course a huge kitchen.

Images: Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Images: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

50 Cent complained that the mansion cost a quite remarkable £50,000-a-month to run, so it’s no wonder he decided to sell up.

He initially wanted £14 million for it, according to the Sun, but after it remained unsold for over a decade he took £2.3 million instead.

Estate agent Jonathan Miller told, “It’s just oversized for the market. When you have a property that is well outside the norm, it takes a lot longer to sell.”

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