The John Wayne Coffee Drink Recipe That Pilgrims Use to ‘Supercharge’ Their Mornings

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A drink called The John Wayne has a recipe that will knock off the socks of any coffee aficionado. It went through multiple coffee houses as a limited-time drink, but it’s also possible to make it in the comfort of your own home. The actor has a tough, Western image that extends past his movies and through to his public persona. Here’s a look at the Wayne coffee drink recipe that “pilgrims” love to make.

Directors knew filming John Wayne post-noon was a recipe for disaster

John Wayne, who has a coffee recipe made after him. He's smiling, wearing a suit and tie, seated at a table in his home.
John Wayne | Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images

According to Sam O’Steen’s Cut to the Chase, the industry catered to Wayne’s habits and filmed before noon. However, the actor was drinking something a bit stronger than coffee. As a result, Wayne drinking alcohol ultimately spelled out a recipe for disaster.

O’Steen wrote how Hollywood directors wouldn’t film any time after noon to ensure that they get the best performance possible out of Wayne. He wrote that directors called him a “mean drunk” that they didn’t want to deal with once his behavior turned sour in the afternoon hours.

Many critics at the time called Wayne out for not giving performances but simply playing the same persona that he became famous for. However, it gave audiences the comfort that they knew exactly what they were getting from one of his movies. Nevertheless, Wayne still managed to deliver more serious performances in titles such as The Shootist and his Oscar-winning role in True Grit.

The coffee drink that pilgrims can’t stop talking about