The Real Reason Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr Fight Was Delayed By Two Months

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Roy Jones Jr has revealed that his comeback fight with Mike Tyson in November was delayed to give his opponent more time to prepare for the bout.

It was announced in the summer that Jones Jr and Tyson would square off in an eight-round exhibition clash in September.

But the date was eventually canned and moved to the end of November, where they’ll do battle in California.

Fans took the delay as a sign that the fight might not go ahead – but Jones Jr has given the real reason.

The former heavyweight champion of the world says that Tyson needed some more time to train – or it wouldn’t have been a real contest on September 12.

“I’m like, it’s six weeks, that’s right around the corner,” he said on the Joe Rogan Experience.
“(Mike Tyson) ain’t been fighting. I can get ready.

“I’m pretty sure I can get a little bit more ready than he can because he’s been inactive a lot longer than I have.

“So six weeks, he’s still Mike Tyson. He still can punch. But six weeks, there’s no way he can get prepared for this.

“It ain’t like I’m scared of Mike Tyson. It’s just that I know that in six weeks, he had no chance to deal with me.

“In 12 weeks, he’ll have a better chance to deal with me. But his chance is still gonna be rough.

“It’s gonna be better than it would’ve been. Six weeks, he didn’t have a chance.”

Both fighters will fight for the WBC’s newly-created Frontline Battle Belt.

The sanctioning body will oversee the event, put all the rules in place and score the fight.

“WBC’s remote scoring system will be used to evaluate Tyson and Jones Jr.’s performance. Three champions will serve as the judges,” a statement read.

“Each round will be scored and announced to the public. California State Athletic Commission will oversee, regulate, and sanction.”

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