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Top 10 Zero Waste Beauty Brands

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Top 5 Zero Waste Beauty Brands (Is it okay if I change it to 5? I found it better to expand on the quality brands!) 

Do you want to find sustainable solutions for your beauty routine? Going zero-waste can be hard but with devotion and finding the right brands, it can be a seamless transition in your routines. Whether you are looking for skincare or cosmetics, these are the best brands for you and the environment.


Price:  $-$$

LUSH is a widely known brand for its shower gels, soaps, and bath bombs! This brand focuses on environmental impact and vegan products. Their website discusses more of their values and how they are working towards a sustainable future. When it comes to products, LUSH carries a variety of zero-waste products that can help you lessen the waste produced in your beauty routine. The highly-rated zero waste products start with shampoo and conditioner bars! These are an excellent alternative to plastic bottles and last for a long time! The shampoo and conditioner bars lather nicely and they have several options depending on the type of hair you have. There are shampoo bars for normal, dry, and oily types of hair along with many scents! With these options in mind, it will be an easy and sustainable transition. The only hard part is picking out a scent!

Another zero-waste product that LUSH carries are face wash bars. These are great for everyday use and made with all-natural ingredients that your skin will thank you for! Just like the hair bars, they have many options depending on your skin type! Some other products to consider from LUSH are cosmetics (they have an amazing plastic-free eyeliner), deodorant, solid serums, and more!

Top 5 Zero Waste Beauty Brands

2. Elate Cosmetics

Price: $$

Elate cosmetics specializes in plastic-free packaging for cosmetics. The company does specify that products are low waste and 100% vegan. While they might seem pricier than drugstore brands, the quality of the products is well worth it. Elate has brushes, eye makeup, lipsticks, and more. They have several makeup brushes, sets, and travel sizes that work for any beauty routine. You can also build custom palettes for eyeshadow and face cosmetics such as blush and bronzer! The packaging can be recycled and is made of bamboo so it’s also a cute aesthetic addition to your sustainable beauty routine. My go-to product from this line is their mascara! It does not clump and adds beautiful length. I definitely recommend checking this brand out for quality and sustainable cosmetics!

Top 5 Zero Waste Beauty Brands

3. Fat and the Moon

Price: $$

A female-owned company, Fat and the Moon offers zero-waste cosmetics, skincare, hair products, and more. Their top sellers are the adornment products which are zero waste cosmetics such as highlighters and blushes. Their products such as lip stains can be dual purpose as lip and cheek stains, giving you a two-in-one for your beauty routine! Fat and the Moon carries several colors in their products so there are plenty to choose from. Their eye coal (can be used as eyeliner or even an eyeshadow base) is sold in a black, blue, brown, and green form. The lip paint is offered in six colors, giving you many options to play around with! The cosmetics are plant and mineral-based so compared to drugstore products, they are kinder to your skin. For skincare, they have several options such as moisturizer (also known as “All Cream”), pimple mud, cleansers, masks, and scrubs. Although everyone’s skin is different, this brand is worth taking a look at because of its gentle chemical-free ingredients.

If you don’t like the idea of shampoo and conditioner bars that LUSH has, Fat and the Moon offers aluminum shampoo and conditioner bottles! You can use a pump top, which includes plastic, or a twist top to keep it completely plastic-free. Both of these are sulfate-free to keep your hair clean without stripping it of natural oils. They also have a shampoo powder that you add water to so it lathers! A nice alternative to the shampoo bars to further control the amount you want to use!

Top 5 Zero Waste Beauty Brands

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4. River Organics

Price: $-$$

River Organics is a 100% compostable packaging cosmetic and skincare brand. Their featured cosmetics are blush sticks and eyebrow wax. They also have zero-waste mascara that is water-activated! The blushes come in several colors that are creamy with a sheer, natural tint and won’t clog your pores. River Organics also carries concealer in several shades that are made with all-natural ingredients! Another unique product to incorporate into your beauty routine is their aromatics balms and rollers. These are a great alternative to perfumes and are made with natural ingredients. The rollers are aesthetically beautiful with floral pieces inside. They also each have a purpose such as uplifting, calm, balancing, etc. All incorporate essential oils to help your mood!

Top 5 Zero Waste Brands

5. Marley Monsters

Price: $-$$

A family-owned shop, Marley Monsters has zero-waste products for almost every area in your house. Rather than cosmetics and skincare, this brand has great tools for your beauty routine! Their washcloths and cosmetic bags are essentials! Another favorite of mine is the facial rounds that come in a pack of 20. These are a great alternative to cotton rounds and are easily thrown into the washer or hand washable for sustainable use. These are a great way to save money and are the best makeup removers! They also have a deal if you buy a set with facial rounds and a facial bar it is cheaper so bonus points for your sustainable beauty routine! Another great product is the reusable swab, replacing single-use cotton swabs. This is a great purchase for cleaning up any makeup residue underneath your eyes! Just like the facial rounds, it is a great investment for saving money in the long run!

Top 5 Zero Waste Beauty Brands

Going zero-waste can be hard, especially for your beauty routine! In a plastic-dominated industry, these brands offer many options to swap out your favorite products for more sustainable ones! Let me know what you try in the comments below!

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