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VanMoof's S3 Aluminum e-bike brings a unique two-tone finish

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VanMoof, a Dutch mobility brand, announced that its popular S3 e-bike is getting a limited edition. The S3 Aluminum will carry over most of the specs of the standard model while offering a unique colorway. VanMoof is scheduled to release the S3 Aluminum on August 18.


  • VanMoof’s new S3 Aluminum offers unique color and brushed aluminum finish.
  • The limited edition does not bring changes to the hardware specifications and features.
  • VanMoof will release the S3 Aluminum on August 18th for $2648.

The VanMoof S3 Aluminum does not offer any biking improvements over its predecessor. You don’t get increased power nor extra range. Rather, the new limited edition S3 Aluminum brings unique aesthetic changes, especially to its frame.

What’s new on the VanMoof S3 Aluminum?

What’s noticeable is the two-tone brushed aluminum finish for most of its frame along with a classic company logo printed on the top tube. The LED matrix display is still positioned in the center of the tube, but it is now bordered with the new metal brushed finish. More importantly, the iconic raw welding is visible on the frame joints.

The rest of the components of the S3 Aluminum e-bike such as the adjustable handlebars, one-piece saddle, and large 28-inch tires are painted black like on the regular e-bike. Both the front LED lighting and taillight are also kept. VanMoof says these unique design cues retain the undecorated and premium form of the standard S3 e-bike while paying tribute to the original concept. 

VanMoof's new S3 Aluminum limited edition e-bike
The new S3 Aluminum gets a classic VanMoof logo / © VanMoof

As mentioned, the S3 Aluminum shares the features with the S3 including a 350W motor capable of producing 59Nm torque, 504Wh battery, and integrated alarm and theft tracking. The maximum assist speed of the e-bike is 32 kph (20 mph) while the range on eco-mode gets you up to 150 kilometers (93 miles) on a single charge.

VanMoof is releasing the S3 Aluminum on August 18 for $2,648 in the US, France, Germany, and its home-turf, the Netherlands. In contrast, this is $200 more than the current pricing of the blue or gray S3 variants. It is not mentioned how many quantities will be made of this limited-edition S3.

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