What did I do differently in 2021?

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I have done one hundred and six eBooks, six books and thirty-eight online courses; accounts, business, self-care, and affiliate marketing


I would say that covid helped improve my work as I could not go anywhere and stayed all the time indoors. There were many days that I almost spent the whole day working without any distraction.

At the start of my business, I had these projects, but I made some changes.

My projects were

  • eBooks writing,
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online course creating
  • Accounting.
  • Parenting

Apart from the above, I wrote posts and posts on my sites almost daily, including postings to social media platforms. Therefore, I realized that was far too much work for one person to handle, so I have not seen tremendous success. Some have advised the experts in the internet business industry that our effect is on one project; if we see a massive success, we can add more tasks to handle. That made me realize that if I concentrate on one or two projects and see a big hit, I will have the opportunity to get help from others, hire people to do the work, and find someone who can be my virtual assistant to help you in your business.

Then I decided to close my parenting project even though I had done a massive amount of work and gathered a lot of knowledge in that area. I felt sad about it, but I could not find an alternative to hold onto that.

I used Click bank to do my affiliate marketing and write reviews for their products to promote them. That changed into a big job that I could not do well to my satisfaction, and I realized that even if you do the best in affiliate marketing, you must spend money to advertise your work; that put me off, and I started to decide slowly to leave that as well. But one thing I have not done is the amount of work in affiliate marketing compared to the work I have done in parenting, so that did not make me feel that disappointed. So, I gave that up ultimately.

So I have only three projects and three blogs, and I feel better now as I can produce better quality work than before.

I have published 110 eBooks on amazon and 40 online courses at Udemy, but I did not see any success; that made me feel sad, and I started to make inquiries about it to find out the real reason.

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I found out the following reasons.

  • I kept producing new work like new eBooks and new online courses.
  • I never went back and checked what happened to the published ones.
  • I did not think about bringing the work out to the world.
  • I did not have any interaction with any of the experts.

So, at some point, I realized that I should stop producing new work; instead, I had to go back and analyze why I did not have any sales. So, for the first time in my six years of internet marketing work, I wrote a note on the Udemy platform asking for anyone to give me the reason for not having any sales. To my surprise, I got many answers, most of them were very depressing, and I felt terrible about my work. It took me some time to realize I should go back and check each of them to make the improvement they suggested. So, I updated my courses with more lectures, videos, and infographics, but that has not made much progress, and I got some sales after all that. That made me decide to check all my past work in most areas like eBooks, and YouTube videos and pay the most attention to social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But I still do my daily postings to Pinterest and Tumbler, and I have given up using Instagram as I feel it is unnecessary work for me as I have not seen good results. I have not seen any good results on any social media platforms.

The main drawback I realize now is I do not spend any money on my business as I have other commitments to meet every month. Further, I am an extreme introvert and hesitant to interact with anyone regarding my work. I am aware that word of mouth is one of the most significant ways of promoting your work; even then, it will not take you very far. So, I am a person who never speaks about my work to anyone, and I live a life like a person who cannot talk about myself or my work, and I feel dumb.

I understand the two reasons for that is negativity that I face in my life, but I have to say it does not bother me but things like that will affect a loner more than the others. Then my other reason is the fear that others might think that I am bragging about myself and will not talk to me in the future. In internet marketing, self-promotion is vital to make yourself known in the industry. Besides, if you interact with the industry experts, the people will start to trust you; getting the trustworthiness is one of the essential things in internet marketing.

It is how I passed 2021, but all that I said in one of my books, “Dummies Guide to starting a business,” on Amazon brought me enough sales in July 2021 and continues to give me good deals. But the sales were down for a couple of months at the end of 2021. So now, I have taken extra interest in producing excellent books and eBooks, hoping that Amazon will sell them for me.

So now, let me talk about my plan and determination for 2022; I hope that I am taking enough action now, and I think that I have made the people who laugh at me feel tired of me & my work. So, I should feel proud about it. I must save some money from my Amazon sales and reinvest in my business, like improving my websites, social media business pages, and spending some money on advertising. Apart from that, I want to join some industry experts to help me in promoting my work, some of them do cross-promotions, and I must build my email list. I am not good at marketing and the technical side of my business, so I will need some help, maybe from virtual assistants, to improve my business to take it to the next level.

Lastly, I love what I do, so I will take any amount of stress to see success in my business to achieve my goal. I never think about leaving my business as I feel proud of my achievements; maybe others might not know me, but I know I am a hard worker who achieved enormous knowledge over the years.


© 2022 Sara Param

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