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What Is a Data Pool?

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The term “data pool” refers to a related set of values obtained from a centralized database. The data can be anything from supply chain information to employee records. The data can be generated automatically or manually for analysis using the entire data set or a subset of values. Database software is designed to handle the various functions associated with data pools, including synchronization and verification of information.

Data stewards ensure every piece of information gathered by a company is used effectively and efficiently.
Data stewards ensure every piece of information gathered by a company is used effectively and efficiently.

In a very basic sense, any set of data collected for the purpose of analysis is a data pool. The method of data collection can affect the accuracy of the values within the pool and thus the outcome of analysis. If the data set is part of a simple quantitative experiment that doesn’t involve a huge data set, manual data collection can be reasonably reliable. On the contrary, if the data set is large, an automatic data collection process will be the most accurate and precise.

The accuracy and preciseness of the values contained in a data set is always important but might be imperative for some industries that rely on tracking the chain of custody in the supply chain. The Global Data Synchronization Network (GSDN) certifies data pools and facilitates the data synchronization process by performing an annual audit on all GDSN-certified data pools. Supply chain data that is captured in a GDSN certified data pool is tied to a global location number (GLN) and global trade item number (GLIT). These two numbers are used to identify the relevant locations and associated items for trade, respectively, as the item passes through the supply chain from the manufacturer to the consumer.

In other cases, data pools are accessed automatically by database software while a computer is booting up or during an installation or upgrade process. These processes involve transferring and verifying information between databases. The information being transferred and verified is the data pool. If a data pool error arises during the process, there might be an issue with the data, such as a corrupt boot file, incorrect settings on the hard drive or a faulty hard drive.

For a custom database that contains employee records or historical temperature data, access to the data pool can be private or shared. A private pool cannot be seen or accessed by anyone other than the administrator. A shared pool can be accessed by others who can add, edit or remove values. Data can be entered automatically, manually and imported or exported from a spreadsheet. A web-based pool typically is manipulated by an administrator but shared so that online users can view and export the data for various purposes.

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