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Will There Be an ‘FBoy Island’ Season 3 on HBO? Nikki Glaser Teased the New Season

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FBoy Island Season 2 wrapped with a shocking twist, so viewers want to know if HBO has renewed the reality TV dating show for season 3 yet. Although HBO did not announce a renewal yet, host Nikki Glaser spoke directly about season 3. Plus, nice guys Casey Johnson and Niko Pilalis have some inside information.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding the FBoy Island Season 2 Finale Episode 10.]

'FBoy Island' Mercedes Knox, Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, and Peter Park standing together
‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Mercedes Knox, Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, and Peter Park | Hassen Salum/HBO Max

Nikki Glaser teased ‘FBoy Island’ Season 3 

In FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 9, the eliminated nice guys and FBoys returned to throw bricks at the remaining six guys. They gave Tamaris Sepulveda, Mia Emani Jones, and Louise Barnard the dirt on everything from Danny calling names to what a “stand-up guy” Benedict is. The critical moment came when host Nikki Glaser sent the eliminated guys home.

“We’ll see you next season probably, some of you,” Nikki said as the guys left, teasing FBoy Island Season 3.

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Will there be an ‘FBoy Island’ Season 3 on HBO Max?

Although HBO Max did not announce an official renewal for FBoy Island Season 3, it looks like a sure thing. Nikki Glaser teased it as if there was no doubt about it happening. Meanwhile, the cast knows it is in the works. FBoy Island Season 1 debuted in 2021 with the highest viewership for an HBO Max reality TV series. Plus, creator Elan Gale is happy to continue the FBoy Island show into an entire F-Person Universe

However, the future of HBO Max originals is uncertain. USA Today says HBO Max and discovery+ will merge into one streaming service in 2023. The move may mean content loss and layoffs for HBO Max. The only good news is that reality TV seems like a solid pillar that Discover wants to keep. Variety reported that Chip and Joanna Gaines plan to move many of their flagship reality TV Shows to HBO Max. The move might signify that FBoy Island Season 3 could be on the horizon despite the changes coming to HBO Max.

All 10 episodes of FBoy Island Season 2 are available for streaming on HBO Max.

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