81-Year-Old British Woman Marries 36-Year-Old Egyptian And Has Reception At KFC

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An 81-year-old British woman has married her 36-year-old Egyptian boyfriend, topping off the special day with a reception at KFC.

Speaking to Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning, Iris Jones opened up about how she tied the knot with Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham.

Iris has tied the knot with her toy boy. Credit: Iris Jones
Iris has tied the knot with her toy boy. Credit: Iris Jones

Speaking via video call from Sharm El-Sheikh, she said: “It was just an exchanging of documents, we had to sign several documents with a signature and a thumbprint.

“After that the documents were handed over to us to say that we were married, but it’s all in Arabic, I don’t know what it says at all.

“It might say that I am completely under his thumb – well, if that’s the case then I’m not.”

Holly then asked: “What about afterwards, how did you celebrate? Did you have a reception anywhere?”

Iris replied: “No, we went to KFC for chicken and French fries and Coca-Cola. If I eat spicy foods I am on the toilet all the time.”

Don’t want that on your wedding day, do ya?

There was no mention of K-Y Jelly this time. Credit: ITV/This Morning
There was no mention of K-Y Jelly this time. Credit: ITV/This Morning

The couple met on Facebook last year, but Iris’ family don’t approve of the relationship.

She said: “I am getting the silent treatment at the moment, I haven’t heard anything from them.

“We love each other, that’s all that matters.”

This was quite a tame appearance on the show compared to earlier this year, however, when Iris started discussing how she was left ‘saddle sore’ following one particular night with her hubby that involved the use of an ‘entire tube of KY jelly’.

Credit: Facebook/Iris Jones
Credit: Facebook/Iris Jones

Thankfully, there was none of that talk this time, though Iris did take the opportunity to make an appeal to Boris Johnson.

She said: “We desperately need to get Mohamed to the UK, so if Boris Johnson is listening, do your best and get the whip out and get Mohamed a visa for the UK.

“He would be an asset to the country, he’s a qualified engineer and he would be good for the economy. He would work, I would make sure of that.”

Mohamed has previously said that he doesn’t mind where they live, as long as they’re together.

Speaking to MailOnline earlier this year, he said: “I was very nervous but the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that it was true love. I’m a very lucky man to have found a woman like this.

“I don’t care where we live or how rich or poor she is, I just want to be with Iris.

“At the end of the day, which country she wants to make her home is her choice; it can be either Britain or Egypt.

“People think I am with her for all the wrong reasons. I know Britain is a beautiful country and a lot of people want to go there but I’m not bothered. I’m prepared to live with her anywhere in the world.”

Credit: Facebook/Iris Jones
Credit: Facebook/Iris Jones

He continued: “My mother really liked Iris and they got on well even though there was a language problem.

“But my mother said to me that if I’m happy, then she’s happy. That’s all any mother wants; for her son to be with a woman he really loves.”

Well, as long as everyone’s happy (apart from Iris’ family, that is).

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